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A Message from our founder, Brandi:

“I first heard the words “paleo diet” when I started the fundamentals program at a local crossfit gym: Faction Strength & Conditioning.  I came to find out that most people in the crossfit community follow and advocate others following this way of eating.  Honestly, it sounded a bit absurd to me…bacon, whole eggs, HEALTHY animal fats???  Fat is never healthy!  Right?  Not so.  After turning the corner and realizing that I was being out-performed on a regular basis by those around me that had joined the paleo movement, I caved (no pun there).  I ditched gluten, refined sugars, my beloved processed foods and committed to really making a change.  I wanted to be competitive in the gym, I wanted to feel better and I absolutely wanted to look better.  I balked at the amount of food I was supposed to be eating on a daily basis (way more than I was used to) but stuck with it.  I eventually got over the sugar cravings and the after-bread depression…eventually.

Truly, there have been fewer things in my life that have given me more satisfaction than taking control of my food intake.  Finally realizing the damage that I was doing to my body by ingesting ingredients that would be better suited to a landfill on a daily basis has made amazing changes in my attitude, my body composition, my athletic performance and my general sense of well being.  It feels good.  That’s as simple as it can be put.

I’ve rambled a bit here but the big point I’m making is this:  Care about yourself, care about your family and your friends.  Try harder.  Eating life-sustaining food is such an easy way to start.  It’s so much more worth it than you know.”

 Owner and chef Brandi Marter

Owner and chef Brandi Marter


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