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Please note the dates listed for the menu items. We post our menus one week in advance in order to source our ingredients from local farms over the weekend. Each menu is taken down and replaced every Saturday morning. Please e-mail us with any questions! Eat real food!


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Fast and Healthy Whole Foods Made to Order

About Bedrock Eats

We believe there’s enough bad stuff in the world, without your having to eat it too. We believe that humans have evolved to eat real food – nothing processed, refined or modified. Our mission is to help you eat healthy food that tastes amazing. We source organic fruit, local vegetables, and grass-fed, free-range protein to create dishes that nourish and inspire.

Eating simple whole foods is the foundation of fitness and health. Without the right fuel we cannot reach our potential. At Bedrock Eats we know that eating right can also be fun, satisfying and a culinary explosion of taste. Our mission is to help you learn a new way of living and eating that will keep your body happy and fit. We’ve designed our recipes with the optimal mix of nutrition and taste. You will look forward to meals because of the way they taste and the way they make you feel and perform. The convenience of grab-and-go kiosks and pre-order meals makes eating paleo and primal-friendly easy, even when you can’t find time to cook.

How it Works:

We post our menus one week in advance. All orders for next week’s “meals” menu must be placed by Friday of this week. This is so we can source our ingredients from local farms over the weekend.

On our website, place your order and save your credit card information securely.

At our grab-and-go kiosk simply use the provided device to select the items you want, and check out online.

For pre-order, review our weekly offerings by Friday each week. After selecting the days you want to pick up our meals, check out online to receive your confirmation email.

Meals for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are delivered on Monday.
Meals for Thursday and Friday are delivered on Thursday.


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